Pricing guide for digital photo restoration

As a guide, most jobs we do fall into the $60–$120 range. We’ll provide an upfront estimate to restore your photo based on the amount of work that needs to be done. We can also work within a budget by doing as much as possible within a specified time frame.

Our minimum job fee is $60. We can do discounts for several images. We work with a maximum of six images per order.
For a quote upload a snapshot of your photo or document on our uploader page or SMS to 0418 896 932.

For print pricing see our printing page.

Basic Retouching

$30per image
  • Minor colour correction and dust removal

Standard Restoration

$80 - $120per image
  • Moderate scratch, crease and stain removal; complex colour correction

Advanced Restoration

$200per image
  • Severe crease, stain and tear removal; recovery of missing areas; colourising black and white or very faded colour photos

See pricing examples below. Hover over slide to pause.

1. Basic Retouching $30 per image

Colour and tonal improvement of faded or discoloured photos, conversion to black and white or sepia, retouching to remove minor blemishes and scratches, image enlargement and sharpening, and cropping / improvement of composition.

2. Standard Restoration $80 – 120 per image

As Basic but with more serious colour correction, blemish and scratch removal, object removal, tear and crease removal.

3. Advanced Restoration $200 per image

As Standard-level but additionally complex blemish and scratch removal, tear removal, complex object and stain removal. Reconstruction of missing areas. Colourisation of black and white and very faded photos. Repair of serious fading, severe silvering, complex object removal, seamlessly joining torn sections. 

4. Extreme restoration $400+ per image

Repair of very damaged photos needing very painstaking remodelling and reconstruction work. There are no shortcuts for these kinds of tasks – they take many hours to get right!

What we can’t do

Legs, arms and backgrounds can be grafted in from other photos, but if a face is too faded or damaged it’s guesswork to try and recover the image. If that’s the case, chances are we won’t achieve a likeness. As a general guide, if you can recognise the person in the photo and there is enough detail left, then we can recover it. If in doubt, send us a snap and we’ll take a good look.

How to get your photos to us

To restore photos we need a digital copy of the original.
There are three ways to make this happen:

Upload your digital image

Scan at 600dpi TIFF or JPEG format at any Officeworks or use your own scanner. Then upload your digital image to our Dropbox.

Scan at one of our partner locations

We’re headquartered in Canberra, and work with framers in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Gosford and Adelaide.
See locations for details.

Mail your photos to us for scanning

Send by registered post to
Vivid Recollection
GPO Box 443, Canberra ACT 2601