Photo editing – combining different photos


Three photos were taken by two members of a family. This photo montage combines the best parts of all three and includes the photographer missing in the primary image. The final image was printed on Epson Traditional Photo paper and framed in a classic dark timber frame. The GIF below shows the various elements in [...]

Photo background editing


This photo was shot indoors with low lighting and was dark and grainy as a result. To begin with the levels were adjusted to brighten the image and then the canvas was tilted to get the brickwork straight. This was essential to what came next – the figure in the background was removed [...]

1960s surf safari – photo restoration


The faded original from 1966 was restored by building up faded areas and improving the contrast. The composition was improved with an extension of the background to the left of the car and shrubs lifted clear of the subjects. The final image was printed at 11×17” on Hahnemühle fine art paper – one for each [...]