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Incredible transformations of old and damaged photos

We scan original photos and documents, and undertake careful restoration work to bring them back to life.
You’ll get a new high resolution digital file to view on screen, make prints, and share among family and friends.
We can also print and post the restored image to you.

Quality Guarantee: Restoration work is free if you are not completely happy with the result.

Colourising very faded colour photos

Recovering very faded black and white photos

Restoration of a faded wedding photo from the 1940s

Severe stain and crease recovery

UV damage and mould spore recovery

Light and mould damaged photo Restoration of a light and mould damaged photo – after

Recreate missing areas

Restoration of water damaged photo from the 1950s

Delamination / silvering recovery

damaged old family portrait before restoration old family portrait after restoration

Remove people

Remove people from photo before Remove people from photo after

Reconstruct missing parts of a photo / restore tonal depth

Stain removal

remove wine stain from photo - after

See more examples in our portfolio


Prices range from $60 for basic jobs to $200 plus for images requiring major restoration and reconstruction.
We’ll provide an upfront estimate to restore your photo based on the amount of work that needs to be done.


“You have done a great job. It’s little short of a miracle, what you have recovered.”
Bruce M, Canberra ACT


“The images look fantastic and I’m very happy with them! They look extremely realistic and very well coloured. I really look forward to giving them as a present.”
Daniel Z, Woodville North
Adelaide SA

“James went above and beyond to restore a photo of my grandfather at very short notice. My family were thrilled with the result. James’ service and professionalism were second to none.”
Kylie S, Pymble NSW

How to get your photos to us

To restore photos we need a digital copy of the original.
There are three ways to make this happen:

Upload your digital image

Scan at 600dpi JPEG format at any Officeworks or use your own scanner. Then upload your digital image to our Dropbox.

Scan at one of our locations

We’re headquartered in Canberra, and work with framers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Gosford and Adelaide.
See locations for details.

Mail your photos to us for scanning

Send by registered post to
Vivid Recollection
GPO Box 443, Canberra ACT 2601