Click an image to see full size before and after versions of each image, along with a brief description of each project.

Military march photo restoration2017-07-19T16:02:41+10:00
Reconstruction of an old family photo2017-07-17T15:04:01+10:00
Restoration of a faded and water damaged photo2017-07-17T12:48:10+10:00
Faded photo recovery – bridal portrait from the 1940s2017-07-17T12:37:44+10:00
Restoration of a hand tinted portrait2017-03-20T11:32:54+11:00
Late 19th century photo of an old man restored2017-03-12T01:01:43+11:00
Restoration of an ambrotype from the early 1850s2017-07-18T03:03:25+10:00
Family portrait restoration – Adelong NSW, c. 19042017-02-27T16:29:56+11:00
Recovery of a faded studio portrait from the late 19th Century2017-03-12T01:02:48+11:00
South Sydney heroes, 1980s2017-02-19T23:02:39+11:00
Colour restoration of a faded wedding photo2017-02-19T19:15:28+11:00
Restoration of a delaminated wedding photo2017-02-18T11:43:32+11:00
Old wedding photo revival2017-02-16T11:17:41+11:00
Portrait of a young woman restored2017-02-15T21:55:13+11:00
Recovery of a degraded old school photo2017-02-14T23:35:29+11:00
Colour correction and image editing2017-02-14T23:16:51+11:00
Incredible restoration of a severely mould and mildew damaged photo2017-02-15T07:20:19+11:00
Recovery of a severely degraded portrait of a young boy2017-03-12T01:03:31+11:00
Torn and water damaged photo restoration2017-02-14T22:44:28+11:00
Restoration of a very creased photo of a young girl2017-02-14T22:27:03+11:00
Old rowing crew photo restoration2017-02-14T22:14:00+11:00
Restoration of a cracked family portrait2017-02-14T22:01:30+11:00
Photo-realistic painting over damaged sections of a photo2017-02-06T13:37:45+11:00
Restoration of a delaminated photo2017-01-31T16:47:06+11:00
Caricature retouching and editing2017-01-21T14:44:33+11:00
Restoration of a creased portrait from the 1920s2017-01-21T13:36:24+11:00
Restoration of a discoloured and stained portrait from the 1980s2017-01-21T13:40:56+11:00
Restoration of delaminated wedding photo2017-01-21T12:22:52+11:00
Restoration and giclée print of a 1917 real estate poster from Brisbane2017-01-21T11:05:26+11:00
Restoration of a portrait of an Edwardian lady2017-03-12T01:04:17+11:00
Restoration of a torn and crumpled wedding certificate2017-01-09T15:04:09+11:00
Colour restoration of a faded Pixi photo from the early 1980s2017-01-09T10:30:53+11:00
Restoration of studio portrait from the late 1800s2017-03-12T01:04:49+11:00
Restoration of mould and light damaged photo from the early 80s2017-01-06T10:09:02+11:00
Restoration of a creased and faded portrait from the 1940s2016-12-11T14:02:05+11:00
Restoration of a water damaged photo from the 1950s2016-11-09T11:28:18+11:00
Document Restoration – Victorian Title Deed from 18882017-01-09T10:33:51+11:00
Band of the 51st Highland Light Infantry, British Army of the Rhine, 19192016-10-18T10:30:37+11:00
Photo restoration – 1916 portrait2016-10-18T10:30:37+11:00
Reconstruction of a hand-painted photo2016-10-18T10:30:37+11:00
Colourise faded photo2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Photo restoration – Australian troops, WWII2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Photo editing and colour correction2017-02-19T19:22:46+11:00
Reconstruction of a torn photo2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Photo colourisation2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Benny Hill hospital visit – photo reconstruction2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Extreme photo restoration – UV damaged portrait2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Restoration of a hand-tinted photograph2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Restoration of WWI portrait2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Restoration of a school photo2016-10-18T10:30:39+11:00
Restoration of photo of Bart Cummings2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Custom picture framing – reclaimed timber frame2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Custom picture framing2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Custom picture frame with two windows2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Drawing restoration and reprint2017-01-21T14:46:34+11:00
Restoring a creased photo2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Extremely faded photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Colourise very faded photo2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Colourise faded photo2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:41+11:00
Photo reconstruction2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Extreme photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Remove writing from photo2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Restoration of silvered family portrait2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Photos damaged in category 5 hurricane2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Photos damaged in category 5 hurricane2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Retouching and colour restoration2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Custom picture frame with gold trim2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Custom picture frame in Tasmanian Oak2017-03-20T15:20:02+11:00
Photo restoration – cracked dye sub photo2016-10-18T10:30:43+11:00
Document restoration and duplication2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo restoration – degraded image recovery2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo editing – combining different photos2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Three window picture frame2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Arnold Palmer photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo background editing2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo restoration – creased photo2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo restoration – cracked dye sub print2016-10-18T10:30:46+11:00
Photo restoration – Cape Town 19102016-10-18T10:30:48+11:00
Photo restoration and picture framing2016-10-18T10:30:48+11:00
Photo editing – removal of person from wedding photo2016-10-18T10:30:48+11:00
1950s photo restoration and picture framing2016-10-18T10:30:48+11:00
Photo restoration – stain removal2016-10-18T10:30:48+11:00
Photo restoration – repair sun damage2016-10-18T10:30:49+11:00
Photo restoration – 1940s wedding2016-10-18T10:30:49+11:00
Photo restoration – old surfing photo2016-10-18T10:30:49+11:00
Photo restoration and enlargement2016-10-18T10:30:49+11:00
Photo editing – remove people from photo2016-10-18T10:30:49+11:00
Photo restoration – UV damage2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration – reconstruct missing section2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration – stain removal2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration – discoloured photo2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Document restoration and duplication2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration – Hurstville, Sydney c. 19102016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration – remove broken glass2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Digital artwork restoration – cracked image recovery2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
Photo restoration and reconstruction2016-10-18T10:30:51+11:00
1970s wedding photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:53+11:00
1960s surf safari – photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:53+11:00
1950s wedding photo restoration2016-10-18T10:30:53+11:00