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Digital Document Restoration
and Duplication

Restoration and reproduction services for documents on paper, including old maps, certificates, prints and artworks on paper. We scan originals at very high resolution to capture all the finest detail, and digitally retouch to remove areas of water damage, creases and tears. Archival prints on matte paper for an authentic look and feel.

Display the reproduction and keep the original safely archived.

Poster Restoration

Old posters digitally repaired and beautifully reproduced on fine art paper.

Certificate Restoration

Torn and crumpled wedding certificateTorn and crumpled wedding certificate restored

Family Tree Restoration

family-tree-restoration-before Digital restoration of family tree

“The prints look amazing thank you, I am so happy with how they turned out.
It was difficult to tell that they weren’t real certificates and just copies.”
Victoria T, ASX Limited