Freshwater business Vivid Recollection restores old photos
bringing memories back to life

Freshwater business Vivid Recollection restores old photos
bringing memories back to life

Ian Walker • Manly Daily • December 02, 2013 4:38PM
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FRESHWATER siblings James and Rachel Walters are bringing faded memories back to life.

Their business, Vivid Recollection, is digitising and restoring the troves of musty old photos lying dormant across the northern beaches.

“These photos end up on the wall, not in the bottom drawer,” Ms Walters said.

With the latest in computer wizardry they can handle almost any photo’s condition.

The business began when Mr Walters came across a shoebox full of slides and negatives of forgotten family images from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s four years ago.

“The slides had never been printed and most of the photos hadn’t been seen in 50-odd years,” he said.

They had the best of the images scanned, restored, printed, and compiled into an album.

Their family’s enthusiastic response convinced them to help other families with boxes of old photos.

A fascinating range of photographs, some dating back to the early 1900s, have since come into the Walters’ hands.

Among the more unusual requests they have been asked to turn a blurry photo of a humble 1980s wedding into a blockbuster event.

“I was asked to dress the groom in a Versace suit and the bride in a flowing gown with a veil,” Mr Walters said.

“I had to explain that even with the best technology there are limits to what we can do.”

Robin Yasbeck, 36, was desperate for a photo of her grandma not pulling faces for her headstone.

“My Gran never looked directly at the camera and mostly made a funny face in pics,” she said.

“I had many digital photos but none were suitable; the most ideal was at a wedding over 15 years ago.

“As she was closely surrounded by people they removed them and went to work managing to really clean up an old photo and miraculously make her look straight ahead.”