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Colourise faded and black and white photos

Vivid Recollection is a Canberra-based company offering expert photo retouching and restoration services in the ACT and Australia wide. If you’d like to work with us, you can send us the digital file, or if you need a scan you can visit one of our locations, or we can help you find a local scanning service. See ‘How it works’ in the right column of this page for more info.

When the job is done we’ll provide you with a high resolution digital file to for you to view on screen, make prints and share among family and friends. We’re also able to print the finished image. We can deliver anywhere in Australia.

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WW2 RAAF portrait WW2 RAAF portrait colourised
This was a two-step restoration: first, we recovered the image in black and white (removing tears and blemishes), and then brought colour into the image. We referenced historical images to make sure the colours were accurate.

Colour restoration of a faded Pixi photo from the early 1980s
A familiar sight for us – a faded Pixi photo from the early 1980s. The dyes in colour photos from this era were very unstable. In this one the cyan and yellow dyes were almost gone. This meant we had to select out and recolour every element. The sunset backdrop was replaced with part of another photo.

colourise_photo_01_beforedigital colourisation of a faded photo

This photo was severely damaged in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 storm, passed directly over the Caribbean island of Grenada. In 2015, we brought them back to its original condition, ready for framing and display once again. Read the Canberra Times article here.

colourise_photo_07_beforedigital colourisation of a faded colour photo

Colourisation of a badly sun-damaged photo. We were able to graft in the wallpaper from a second, undamaged photo taken at the same time to give a very convincing result. Our customer’s response? “It’s little short of a miracle, what you have recovered.”